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Read students' and teachers' opinions about the Project:

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The article published in teachers' magazine on pages 32 and 33.  The article was written by a Croatian teacher who took part in the Project.


 The article about the Project on page 4 that was published in a local newwspaper from Stara Lubovna ( the town where the Project takes place).




Some weeks ago we went to Slovakia to join the project called «International Village» and I am very glad we could make it, because it was an incredible experience. To be honest, it was one of the best weeks in my life. In this project I met so many amazing people, who in some way really did change me. That week in Slovakia was full of fun, entertainment and learning too. I had a chance to meet people from Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, Croatia and Macedonia and even to learn a bit of their language. I really hope that it’s not the last time we are joining that kind of project and I am really thankful to people who made this opportunity possible.   Olivia, Latvia


The trip to Slovakia has left a very good impression on me. What I liked the most were the people who I spent the  week with. Our teachers were really good and interesting people, we met a lot of teenagers from different countries, with whom we spent  all week. Everyday we had two lessons, where we just talked about different topics, it really helped to learn English. Also we had a trip to Cracow and a trip to aquapark. This week in Slovakia was fun and and will stay as bright moments in my memory. It would be nice to have another trip like that.    Victorija , Latvia


It’s wonderful here. We learnt a lot. It was the best week of my life. We’ll definitely come back to SK next year.   Gaja , Slovenia


It was very interesting and enjoyable experience for my students . Andreja ( teacher) , Slovenia


The make-up course was very  interactive. It raised my self-esteem.  Katherine, Romania


The trip to Cracow was very educational. It is indeed a beautiful city. It was worth going there. I’d recommend it to everyone. Diana, Romania 


Every student could find a suitable activity. Natalia (teacher) Ukraine    


Everything was very well organized.  Joel, Austria


It was so exciting to stay in one room with girls from Macedonia and Poland. I’d like to visit Slovakia once again … Andrea, Austria


Even though it rained a bit I still enjoyed participating in the INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE Project very much. I was basically thrown into new environment where I had to use my English skills. Hopefully I can get in on this Project again soon.  Aleksander , Macedonia


What I really enjoyed was speaking English with students from other countries which made me improve my language skills. Natalija , Macedonia


It was Bombastic ! Nothing more to say … J  Alexandra, Macedonia  


The sport activities were great. The teachers are awesome and respectable.  Alexander , Germany


I spoke English with other students all the time … much more than the whole school year in my country.  Joel, Germany


I really enjoyed the sport activities during the Project , especially rugby with Paul.  Soren, Germany


I liked the Project because of its great atmosphere. The opportunity to be together so “different” but actually “the same” is amazing. The native speakers have been creative, amusing and admirably patient for students and teachers as well… I’m really happy to be here.  Joanna(teacher), Poland


Thanks to the Project I met very many wonderful people from many different countries. I think it was an amazing experience to be here.  Lisette , Netherlands


What I liked most of all the activities was the circus workshop. I learnt to walk on stilts!. Max, Netherlands


We are happy that we met new friends from other countries. We had a great opportunity to speak English in everyday situations. I think that the only thing that needs to be improved a bit are accommodation conditions.  Ilona (teacher) , Lithuania


Everyone is very friendly… amazing teachers. We learnt that we all, no matter which language we speak or what country we come from, have a lot in common …. We have similar interests, listen to similar music and are inspired by the same things. That was great experience.  Auguste and Migle, Lithuania


I’d recommend it to everyone who wants to practice English and have fun at the same time. Anastasija, Latvia


We most enjoyed the dance classes, hiking and circus workshop.  Eveyone is so friendly and nice here. Eliza and Sofija, Latvia


We couldn’t have better schools trip than this … I enjoyed every day of the Project.  Borna, Croatia


It was an unforgettable life experience. It will be hard to come back to school after the Project L  Jurica , Croatia


All teachers were amazing…. I enjoyed all workshops with them because we were talking in English all the time.  Katica, Hungary


My Croatian roommate was very nice. We had a lot in common … We will definitely stay in contact after the Project.  Boren, Bulgaria


I want to thank Roman for this amazing experience. I’ve learned a lot and I’d like to become a professional language teacher.   Wesley (native speaker), England