1. If we come by plane or train, can you arrange transport to the hotel and for trips during the project for us ?
Yes we can arrange transport for you. Since costs of transport are not included in the participation fee it will have to be paid extra. Contact us on:office (@) internationalvillage.eu to get prices of transport.
2.How many trips will there be during the project?
There will be two trips organised during the project; on Tuesday all participants go to Aquapark in Poprad and on Thursday groups can choose their destination. Most groups choose Cracow, however there are also others to choose. Contact us on:
 office (at) internationalvillage.eu to find out other  destiinations.
3. If we come to Slovakia by our coach, how many kilometres we will cover during the project ?
It depends. On Tuesday all students go to Poprad which means 120 km ( 60 km one way ) + the destination you will choose for Thursday trip. If you choose Cracow add another 320 km ( 160 km one way) , if you choose other destination the number of km will be different.
4. Is it possible to register a group after the deadlines ?
Yes it is still possible, however if you register a group after the deadline we can’t guarantee some things, e.g. you will not be able to choose a date ( we’ll tell you when we have vacant places ). We strongly recommend to register your group before the deadlines.
5. What is the system of payment ?
The participation fee is 215 Euro/student. After your group is accepted for the project, we’ll ask you to gather the prepayment (140 Euro/student) from all your students and transfer the whole amount to our account. The rest of the money i.e. 75 Euro/student you will be required to pay in Slovakia on the 1st day of the project. More details can be obtained from page THE PROJECT.
6. What happens if a student cancels his/her participation in the project ? Will he/she get the money back ?
It depends when he/she cancels his/her participation. If a student cancels less than 30 days before the project starts, we will not refund any money of the prepayment (140 Euro). If he/she cancels more than 30 days before the project starts we will refund him/her some money (the percentage of the refund depends on the date of cancellation). More details can be obtained from a document called “Terms and Conditions” which can be downloaded in REGISTRATION. If a student cancels, it is possible to substitute him/her with another student.
7. What is the responsibility of the teacher during the project?
Teachers’ main responsibility during the project is to guard their students i.e. making sure they attend morning workshops and afternoon activities, and that they get to bed at set time.
8. What is the system of accommodating students?
Students will be accommodated in triple and double rooms. In each room there will be students from 2, 3 different countries. It will force them to speak English and it will be easier for them to make international friendships.
9. What should I do with “Parents’ statements” ?.
You should bring them all signed by parents to Slovakia.
10.How much money will students need to take as pocket money ?
It depends. Definitely they will need to pay entrance fee to Aqupark in Poprad which is around 10 Euro. If they decide to go to Cracow they will have to pay for the guide which is about 3 Euro ( depends on the number of students in a group). If they decide to see the castle in Stara Lubovna ( which is one of the afternoon activities ) they will have to pay entrance fee which is 2,50 Euro/student. If they choose other destination than Cracow on Thursday they may need some money ( 7 Euro entrance fee to Belianska Cave, 10 Euro for raft rides by Dunajec ). They will not have to spend much in the hotel since they will have 3 meals a day. I suggest 30 – 40 Euro as pocket money ( transport fees are not included ).
11. Will the driver(s) stay in the same hotel as the group ?
Yes the driver will stay in the same hotel as a group. The cost of board and lodging for the driver(s) which is 140 Euro/driver you should pay in Slovakia to the representative of the project on the first day after you arrive to the hotel.
12. Is there a bus park near the hotel ?
Yes, there is a place to park the bus outside the hotel. It is for free but it is not guarded.
13. Can a group consist of students from different classes  ?
Yes, the group which teacher brings to Slovakia can consist of students from different classes , it doesnt make any difference for us, we treat them as one group which a teacher is responsible for.
14. Can students at the age of 13 or 18 years old take part in the project ?
The project is targeted only at students aged 14-17 years old. What do we mean by this … Students who are for example 13 years and 2,4,10 months old will be acceptedto the project  (we treat them as 14 year olds), students who are older then 17 will not be accepted (we treat them as 18 year olds).