The INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE project is targeted at teenagers aged 14-17, who can speak English well enough to communicate. It needs to be at least A2 level.

The minimum number of students in a group is 7 and the maximum number of students is 30. The group may of course consist of different number of students. It doesn’t have to be 7 or 30. The group may consist for example of 11 or 17 or 26 students . The important thing to remember is that the minimum number of students in a group should be 7 and the maximum number of students is 30.

••• Dates 

In 2018 we will organize 2 sessions of the Project.

Spring (April/May/June) session:
Round 1 = 22.04.2018 – 28.04.2018 – deadline for registration is 19.01.2018
Round 2 = 06.05.2018 – 12.05.2018 – deadline for registration is 19.01.2018
Round 3 = 13.05.2018 – 19.05.2018 – deadline for registration is 19.01.2018
Round 4 = 20.05.2018 – 26.05.2018 – deadline for registration is 19.01.2018
Round 5 = 03.06.2018 – 09.06.2018 – deadline for registration is 19.01.2018
Round 6 = 10.06.2018 – 16.06.2018 – deadline for registration is 19.01.2018
Round 7 = 17.06.2018 – 23.06.2018 – deadline for registration is 19.01.2018
Round 8 = 24.06.2018 – 30.06.2018 – deadline for registration is 19.01.2018

After deadline, you can contact us to check availabilities.

September session:
Round 1 = 02.09.2018 – 08.09.2018 –  deadline for registration is 09.03.2018
Round 2 = 09.09.2018 – 15.09.2018 –  deadline for registration is 09.03.2018
Round 3 = 16.09.2018 – 22.09.2018 –  deadline for registration is 09.03.2018
Round 4 = 23.09.2018 – 29.09.2018 –  deadline for registration is 09.03.2018

After deadline, you can contact us to check availabilities.

••• Price
The participation fee for each round in April/May/June and September in 2018 session is:
215 Euro/student 
(140 Euro of advance payment + 75 Euro in Slovakia on the 1st day of Project)
7-15 students in a group- we cover the cost of board and lodging for 1 teacher

16-30 students in a group- we cover the cost of board and lodging for 2 teachers

the participation fee includes:
6 nights in the Hotel Sorea** and use of all its facilities like the indoor swimming pool, table tennis, billiards, darts etc.
full board (breakfast, dinner and supper)
language workshops with native speakers
participation in the sports, arts, and other activities from the project itinerary
board and lodging for 1 teacher for a group of 7-15 students
board and lodging for 2 teachers for a group of 16-30 students

the participation fee excludes:
tickets to “Aqua City” (about 10 EURO/person).
entrance tickets and local guides during trips (about 8 EURO/person ).
transport to and from the hotel.
 transport during trips.
insurance for participants and teachers.
board and lodging for driver(s). The cost for 1 driver for the whole stay is 140 Euro. (In case you come to SK with your own bus)

••• Registration
How to register a group to the Project:
1.  Gather students willing to participate ( You can download and print posters to hang around your school. It will surely help you in gathering students. The posters can be downloaded from REGISTRATION).
2.  Fill in „Application form” and „List of participants” ( these documents can be downloaded in  REGISTRATION).
3. Send these 2 documents to us via mail until given deadlines.

4.  Wait for our confirmation of participation of your group. After your group has been approved for the Project we will send you further  instructions.

••• Lodging
Participants will be accomodated in the Hotel Sorea** Lubovna located in Slovakia. You can find more information about the hotel in the LOCATION section.
To intensify the process of learning English the participants will be lodged in mixed-nationality rooms, which means that there will be representatives of 2 or 3 different countries in each room. It will stop students using their mother tongues and force them to speak English.

••• Board
3 meals a day: continental breakfast, lunch and dinner. Participants will have all the meals together, to leave no opportunity for learning and practising English unexploited.

••• Transport
All groups will arrange their own transport to and from the hotel as well as the insurance for participants. If you decide to come to the project’s location by train or plane or public bus  we can arrange a bus to pick you up from these locations: Nowy Sącz, Poprad, Cracow, Katowice, Kosice, Bratislava, Budapest, Vien. We can also arrange a bus for you and your group for the trips during the Project.
Since the participation fee does not include transport it will have to be paid extra by participants. Contact us to inquire about bus charges.

••• Programme
Participants will be put in groups of 10-14 for the purposes of the language workshops. The groups will consist of participants from different countries to minimize the temptation to speak in their mother tongues. Each group will have 2 language workshops a day during the whole project, plus, and this we feel is the greatest advantage of the project, “live English,” i.e. they will speak English all the time between the lessons (during all meals , all activities, free time, in the rooms etc.).
The workshops will put an emphasis on the speaking skill. There will not be much writing, reading or grammar, but there will be activities that will force them to speak the English language and communicate with the participants from the other nations..
All the activities including language workshops will be led by native speakers from the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.
In addition, each group will have a lesson about the EU. Thanks to that lesson they will know what the Lisbon Treaty is about, why it is so important, what the main institutions of the EU are, what the Schengen zone is about, the role of the European Parliament, etc. Put another way, all the essential information they should know about EU.
Each group will also have EU Languages workshop. During that workshop they will have a chance to learn few sentences in a language of the othe countries which participate in the round. Sentences like “I love you”, “You have nice shoes”, “Would you like to dance with me ?” ,  “What’s your name ?” or tongue twister in each language may be handy for participants and it is really fun to try to repeat them …

Apart from these workshops we will also organise some of these activities:
••• Country Presentation – participants from each country will present their country to other participants.
••• Taste my country – participants will share their countries’ national dishes and drinks.
••• EU Essentials workshop – participants will get the basic information of how EU works
••• EU Languages – participants will get to know languages of the other participating countries.
••• Sport activities – baseball, american football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, uni hockey, dodgeball, hiking etc.
••• Circus workshop – participants will learn some circus tricks like juggling, walking on stilts, riding a unicycle, poi poi, diabolo etc
••• Paper Weavingparticipants will learn how to do a bracelet or a small basket for jewelery from paper.
••• Make-up workshopparticipants will learn the basics on the make up art.
••• Photography courseparticipants will learn the basics of photography
••• How well do you know the other participating countries – We’ll choose a country that knows most about other participating countries.
••• Indoor Climbing Wall – participants will climb an artificial indoor wall.
••• Dance classes – hip-hop, jazz, cha cha slide, electric boogie, electric slide etc.
••• Domino Setting + Angry Birds – participanrts will compose a domino wall consisting of 3000 domino pieces.
••• Board Gamesparticipants will play games at will “force” them to speak English  ( Headbanz, Say Anything, Clue, Scrabble, Taboo, Cranium, Guesstures )
••• Disco Inferno – disco for participants of the project.
••• I’m a European – we will choose participants who know most about European Union.
••• Village News – Participants will edit a newspaper about a project.
••• Hollywood – Participants will shoot  movie.
••• Village song – Participants will create a song
••• Music Quiz
••• Fireshow
••• KaraokeApart from that, there will be discussions on different topics like: tolerance, music, ecology, the future of Europe. etc.
All activites will be led by native speakers in the official language of the project which is English.
The kind of activities will depend on the weather conditions.

The kind of activites varies every round. The schedule of each round is prepared one week before the round.

••• Trips
Each group will have a trip to the biggest water park in this part of Europe “Aqua City“ in Poprad. We will also organise one more trip to a location chosen from these options: Castle in Stara Lubovna, Belianska Cave, Raft rides by Dunajec, Kraków in Poland or the famous Polish spa town of Zakopane. The groups will use their own buses for these trips. If a group has no bus, we can organise a bus to take them for the trip. Since the participation fee doesn’t include transport costs, the bus will have to be paid extra. Contact us to inquire about transfer fees.