Welcome to the website dedicated to the INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE cultural and language project.

We are proud to say that this project is unique in its scale. This project is an interesting alternative to traditional school trips organised in the participants’ home country as well as trips to England where students don’t really have a chance to speak English.

The Project is targeted at teenagers aged 12-17, who can speak English well enough to communicate (at least A2 level).

INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE is for students aged 14-17 years old.

INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE Junior is for students aged 12-14 years old.

The main idea of the INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE project is: 
Participants from different countries meet in a hotel located in CROATIA,  SLOVAKIA or POLAND and stay there for 7 days. During that time they take part in different activities such as language workshops with native speakers from USA, UK, Canada and Australia, sports activities, art and intercultural ones as well as workshops about EU and many other interesting activities.
Through this project they will have a chance to meet their peers from other countries and make new international friendships, get to know them better, the music they listen, the idols they have  etc. It will enable them to get to know the cultures of other nations. The project will also make them more open-minded and tolerant and will show them that they are not much different from their peers from other countries, and that although they speak different languages they are very much alike.
We know that through being together, sharing and cooperating in different activities, they will overcome all prejudices against other nations or races. and break their stereotypes about other cultures which they have

The official language of the INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE project is English, which means that all the activities will be led in English by native speakers from USA, Canada and UK. The participants will be obliged to use that language all the time throughout their stay. It will help them break the barrier of shyness when speaking English what is a great problem for those who learn the language. There is no bureaucracy involved in registering the group to the project. Only 2 documents are required to register a group. Only 2 x A4 sheets of paper ….. More info in REGISTRATION.

So far we’ve hosted students from 27 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Guadeloupe, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Vietnam and Ukraine.

You can see some pictures and videos from those editions in GALLERY . You can visit project’s Instagram @realinternationalvillage, Facebook profile and You Tube account where you will find much more pictures and videos.

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