Why is our Project unique ?

It's a great alternative to school trips and it really changes teenagers' lives ...


The official language of the Project is English. The participants are obliged to use it all the time during their stay. All activities are in a mixed nationalities groups, even their roommates are from different countries. It helps them break the barrier of shyness when speaking English. Thanks to that they will be able to speak the language freely, without being ashamed or afraid.


Each participant will have a roommate from a different country. All the activities put an emphasis on the ability of speaking English and are designed to make students cooperate with each other, socialise and practice their english. Through participating in our project, teenagers will make international contacts, which sometimes turns into long-lasting international friendships.


Participation in this project makes the teenagers more tolerant and helps them overcome all prejudices against other races and nations, they also break their stereotypes about other cultures. They learn to respect other nations’ cultures and other people’s opinions, through the activities they learn to cooperate with other people.


All students which participated in the project in the recent years agreed on one thing - they all said it was the best week of their lives, they said they expected another boring camp with uninteresting workshops, dull activities and generally nothing exciting, but at the end of their stay they all said that they were surprised by how great experience it was. Some of them returned 4 years in a row ...


Participants will spend 6 nights in beautiful and peaceful surroundings of nature, they will have 3 meals a day. They will speak English almost 24/7 with their peers from other countries. They will have language workshops, afternoon and evening activities with native speakers from USA, UK, CAN and AUS and on top of that they will have two trips during the project.


Participating in our project doesn't mean any bureaucracy. We simplified the process of registering to minimum. In order to register a group teacher just needs to send us 2 documents and that's it, nothing else ... Teachers who took part in the project in recent years said that the amount of work with our project compared with those European funded programmes is a piece of cake ...