Our company organises 2 more projects that are targetted at schools and teenagers all over the world.

VILLAGE TRAVELS means educational school trips to some European capitals.

Each trip lasts 4 days =3 nights = 2 full days, but can also be modified to meet group’s preferrences, and is filled with attractions.

We offer tips to the following destinations:

• Cracow + Auschwitz -Birkenau concentration camp MOST POPULAR!!!

• Prague

• Budapest

• Warsaw

• Bratislava + Vienna

• London + english workshops at Hellen O’Grady Academy.

In order to get more info on each location (price, requirements, schedules etc.) contact us on office (@) internationalvillage.eu 

VILLAGE CORNER is a unique idea which lets students meet and cooperate online with their peers from all around the world. The official language of the project is English.

Students from different countries work on a particular online project either as individuals, country teams or as international teams. VILLAGE CORNER Project is targeted at students aged 12-19 years old from all over the world. The project is both for state schools (high schools, primary schools, vocational schools, art schools etc. ) and  private schools. The application for the project is through the teacher, only he/she can register their students for the project.

There are 4 types of projects:


We know that teachers have a lot of work and therefore in order to make it as easy for them as possible we minimized the beaurocracy in VILLAGE CORNER project to the minimum, which is a great change to EU founded projects like E-twinning for instance. It only takes 1xA4 document to register a group for the project. Moreover the involvement of the teacher during the project is limited to absolute minimum since the project is coordinated by us, the organisers of the project. Every teacher will get a certificate of participation in the project after it has been complete.

Students take active part in the project in two ways: they work on their own task (video, presentation, podcast, essay, design etc.) and they also have a chance to see the works of other students and evaluate them. In most projects there is a prize(s) for the student or team that will get the most votes for their work.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at office(at)villagecorner.eu.