Hello . My name is Roman . I’m the leader of INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE Project. I want to tell you something about the week that you are going to experience in Croatia/Slovakia.  The week of your life , and it is not exaggeration or boasting … this is a quotation of students’ words. They keep saying that , round after round. To prove that all that I say is true, you can read  handwritten letters which I get from students . They can be found in OPINIONS. You can also go to FB and YT accounts which are linked to this website and see pictures and videos from recent rounds. Look for Videos called “Why do you like the I.V. Project ?”

Watch this. This is a song, written, arranged and performed by the participants of the project

and this. “What do you think about the project ?”

I know what some of you may think before coming here … You expect it to be another boring school trip with uninteresting workshops, dull activities and generally not much fun.  I know that because students from recent rounds told me that these were their expectations before coming. But at the end of each round they all agree on one thing … they were wrong … Everything was completely opposite …

Let’s start with language workshops.
You will all have workshops in the morning. The groups will be composed of students from different countries. So you will have to speak English to communicate with them. The workshops will be led by native speakers from USA, UK, Canada or Australia. The workshops are very different from English lessons that you are used to, they are designed to emphasize speaking and  to make you cooperate with other nationality students. During the workshops you will do many different interesting things, like solving a murder mystery or creating new society or deciding what is more useful on moon: matches or a knife. Your language groups will be your team and by taking part in different activities you can win a Pizza party ! There were many different and awkward names of teams like: “How I met your mother “, ”Something Anything”, “ World’s Greatest Champions”, “ROLIMAPLUK”,  or  “Insomniac Unitatos” … Some students say that the workshops were the best activities during the camp.

Afternoon activities.
Two of the afternoons are reserved for trips; one to town of Pula/Aquapark in Poprad which is always great fun and the other is to a chosen destinations (Venice or Cracow or others). The rest three afternoons will be devoted to activities led by native speakers. You will have a chance to choose from many different activities like American football, baseball, dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, DJ course, Stomp, Crafting (jewellery making, paper weaving, mask making, wristbands making ), make-up course, trip to nearby castle, graffiti, circus workshops and many more (the range of activities may vary from round to round).  You will do all these with  students from other countries so again you will be forced to communicate in English … Won’t it be fun to be in the same team with a students from other country playing baseball with him/her (by the way many students from recent years voted baseball as the best fun game ….)

Evening activities.
Each evening there will be different activities, in which all the participants will be involved. Imagine 100 students jumping up and shouting “Get lucky !!!!!!!” or  “Beyonce !!!!!!” … that is loud really, really  loud … this is what happens when we have a Music Quiz. Other activities organized in the evening include: Country presentations, when students present their country to other students, Taste my Country, when you will have a chance to taste dishes they eat in different countries, Disco Inferno which is always fun, Movie night, when you will have a chance to watch a movie on a really BIIGGG screen, Thrillers and horrors are always voted by students …  And last but not least a camp fire which is in the last evening …. This is the time when all students ask me if they can stay another week …. Nobody wants to leave.

One of the most important rule at the project is that you will be sharing room with student(s) from other country, it will make you communicate in English and make it easier to make international friendships. There are double and triple rooms. Some students remain friends and stay in touch long after the project has finished …

If you are not OK with sharing a room with student(s) from other countries then you should consider not coming to Croatia/Slovakia/Poland, since we strictly enforce this rule and we don’t let students change the rooms they were originally allocated to. By taking part in the project you agree for sharing a room with a student from other country.

So get ready for the best week of your life and start preparing for the trip to Croatia/Slovakia/Poland … See you soon !!!

Roman, Leader of the Project