How to register a group to the Project:

1. Gather students willing to participate ( You can download and put up posters of INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE around your school. It will surely help you in gathering students. See bottom of this page )

2. Download and fill in „Application Form” and „List of Participants”  (see the bottom of this page).

3. Send these 2 documents to us via e-mail until given deadlines. For deadlines go to page INFO

4. Wait for our confirmation of participation of your group. After your group has been approved for the Project we will send you further instructions.

In 2024 we will organize 3 sessions of the Project in 3 different locations: CROATIA (Pula), SLOVAKIA (Stara Lubovna) and POLAND (Muszyna).

For dates and prices of the project in each location go to INFO


Here are documents for downloading